2/20: Andrew Borowiec’s Ohio Photographs at Akron Art Museum



On one hand, Andrew Borowiec’s photos show what human enterprise has done to the landscape. On the other hand, they portray the living environment we have created, and often imitated, for ourselves. Older photos revel in the ravages of industry: smoke billowing from chimneys, stark steel beams crossing gray skies, rutted dirt roads cutting through trees like long welts across flesh. Lately, the Akron University art professor has been shooting residential development around Ohio. His pictures of houses, juxtaposed with even more houses, reveal how they all look the same. Pictures of new development with virgin land to the side or in the background communicate the speed with which ambition tears up forests and farms. In one shot, rolls of sod in front of new construction demonstrate the magic of instant lawns. Looking for the American Dream: Andrew Borowiec’s Ohio Photographs opens at the Akron Art Museum (1 South High St., Akron, 330.376.9185) from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. today. Admission: $5-$7. — Michael Gill

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