3/26: Eclipse: The War Between Pac and Big at Karamu



Eclipse: The War Between Pac and Big, playwright Michael Oatman’s play about the rap wars between West Coaster Tupac Shakur and East Coaster Biggie Smalls, has gathered intensity on its way to Karamu’s main stage. Read for the first time as part of Cleveland Playhouse’s Fusion Festival, it was semi-staged a year ago as part of Karamu’s Ghostlight series under the title Before I Die. Finally in a full production, the fictionalized account of Tupac’s final days pares its six characters to three. Tony Sias directs. It opens at 8 p.m. with performances through April 18 at Karamu House (2355 E. 89th St., 216.795.7077). Tickets: $15-$20. — Michael Gill

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