4/8: Bat Boy opens at Hanna Theatre



bat boy musical
We lament the demise of Weekly World News every time we approach the grocery-store checkout. Rubbing salt in the wound is the Great Lakes Theater Festival’s new production of the ripped-from-the-WWN-headlines musical Bat Boy. Conceived by the tabloid’s editor in 1992, Bat Boy appeared several times in the paper, which chronicled the cave-dwelling half-bat/half-boy’s life. Writers Keythe Farley, Brian Flemming and Laurence O’Keefe stitched together the many stories in 1997, adding elements to make the play more suited to the stage. It’s a long way from Shakespeare, or classical theater of any kind, but the musical — which includes rap, rock and snippets of horror-film soundtracks —reflects the archetypical theme of a freak yearning for acceptance in a cruel, cruel world. Mitch McCarrell stars as Bat Boy; Victoria Bussert directs. It opens at 7:30 tonight with performances through May 13 at PlayhouseSquare's Hanna Theatre (2067 E. 14th St., 216.241.6000). Tickets: $15-$49. — Michael Gill

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