Let’s Go Bowling!


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A highlight of Lottery League season is bowling night, halfway through the League’s 10-week lifespan, wherein Leaguers and their guests are given the run of Mahall’s 20 Lanes (where else, right?) for a Saturday evening. As with all League events, this one was raucous, drinky and memorable (memorable, that is, in inverse proportion to its drinkyness). Plentiful fake moustaches were provided gratis by League sponsors Big Fun, an ad hoc marching band was on hand (streaming ridiculous music below), and there was a tiger! Yay, tiger! But the main purpose of the evening, beyond the revelry, that is, was the selection of band order for the Big Show. Unsurprisingly, the selection is done by random drawing, out of the same hopper that forms the bands themselves. Paul, the beloved proprietor of Now That’s Class, did the drawing. The order isn’t posted at the League blog yet, and my band got selected pretty early so I headed back to the bar and blew the rest of the selection process off, so I have no idea who rocks when, but I can tell you that my band Isle of Eyelids is playing 20th out of 33, on the All Go Signs stage in the Beachland Ballroom, and that VCR Head Cleaner (JJ Magazine’s Glen McNell, Good Touch Bad Touch’s Ryan Yankee, the Fuzzy Stones’ Michael Nassif, Bears’ Rachel Hart and THE Beckett Warren) are opening the April 10th Big Show, at 5:00 P.M. on the Beachland Tavern stage. The event petered out somewhat early, as many Leaguers were attending the Uno Lady/Chinese Stars show at Classy Bar, many others hit karaoke at Tina’s, and others still headed for home, deterred from further debauchery by dismally unpleasant weather. Anyway, until next post, dig the way too proud of themselves art-fuck filters on the otherwise very poor iPhone photos.













A little bit about the marching band you're seeing in the immediately preceeding pics: They performed with less than one hour's rehearsal on the day of the event, and pulled off their mission with spectacular aplomb. The members are Nate Scheible (my bandmate in Self Destruct Button) on bass drum, John Polomsky (Stimulus Package) on snare, Lou Arocho (late of The X-Bolex) on sax, and Chuck Cieslik and Mike Ocampo on sax and trumpet, respectively, both of whom regular readers of this indulgence know from my own L.L. band, and believe you me, I couldn't be prouder. Here are some audio snippets (of not at all copyrighted songs I'm posting without permission, no siree) from their rehearsal on Saturday afternoon.





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