Protractor Ted



Not gonna lie to y’all, I was very excited to see what Protractor Ted were getting on about. The band includes a lifer drummer, a completely madcap singer and two astounding guitarists who hail from very different schools — that last bit is what had my interest redlined. So here’s the lineup rundown: Protractor Ted has Rich Ellis (ACTUAL LEGEND ALERT: dudeman was in the fucking Kneecappers.) of the All-Comers and Uva Ursi in the Ringo chair, singist Scott McHenry of Big Bruise and last Lottery League’s standouts Jettaland (check out their track on the comp CD — SO awesome), long-AWOL guitarer Sharon Yoo, who made a name for herself with a unique atmospheric fingerpicking guitar style in the Corduroy Astronauts and the Librarians before evidently dropping off the planet for the last 8 years, and guitarrorist Chris Smith (ACTUAL LEGEND ALERT: dudeman was in False Hope, Integrity, Knifedance… this could go on all day) of prog-metal bruisers Keelhaul.

Smith and Yoo seem to have settled comfortably into an intricate midtempo interlacing of guitar lines, which merges both of their signature styles surprisingly well (Chris is the sensitive one in Keelhaul, don’tcha’know). Ellis is every bit the solid foundation you’d expect, and McHenry, well damn, that dude’s just an inspired fucking weirdo — the chorus to his goddamn “Save the Whales” song has been stuck in my goddamn brain since I visited their rehearsal on goddamn Saturday. They’ve been prolific with their time together, too, amassing more material than they’ll be able to play in their 10-minute Big Show set. Here’s a shitpile of it for your listening enjoyment. —Kretsch












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