Up, Up and Away!



Earlier this week, some folks from Disney's Pixar Studios came through town with a replica of the balloon from their new movie, Up, scheduled to open on May 29. The idea was that they'd take a few lucky members of the media up in the air to help promote the film. The original plan was to hold the event at Wade Oval but due to concerns about prevailing winds from Lake Erie that might whisk us media types off to another county, the Disney folks decided it'd be safer to hold the event indoors. So I went over to the Wolstein Center where they had the balloon set up on the arena floor. I got buckled into the chair and floated up into the rafters. It was pretty fun, and I wasn't really scared, though I might look horrified in this video. Did it make me want to see the movie any more? Not really, but I was already looking forward to checking it out, especially since the 3-D graphics are supposed to be amazing.


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