Loud and Bobnoxious Cult Movies: Requiem for a Vampire



93fe/1245957616-requiem_for_a_vampire.jpg French cult director Jean Rollin once again revisits his favorite subject, sexy vampires, in this 1971 film recently released on DVD by Redemption Video. As is the case with many of Rollin’s films, the protagonists are two innocent young girls who must confront all manner of horrors and erotic weirdness. The movie makes no logical sense, but rather plays out like a dream, full of Freudian symbolism like winding staircases descending deeper and deeper into the subconscious. Although the budget was apparently so low they couldn’t even get decent vampire teeth, there’s still a certain compelling quality to the visuals. And if that all sounds too artsy for you, you can still enjoy the copious amounts of sin and skin Rollin serves up. The bonus features are a mixed bag. The interview with actress Louise Dhour is interesting, but who really wants to watch the alternate clothed versions of scenes. If you aren’t a fan of surreal low budget seventies sexploitation movies you’ll probably hate this.

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