A Not-So-Hastily-Made Cleveland Tourism Video



Smart-ass comedian/filmmaer Mike Polk, maker of the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” that got national attention on the Net, now has even more competition. Positively Cleveland has just launched a new tourism video to highlight its “Discover the unexpected side of Cleveland” campaign. The locally based Glazen Creative Studios put together a high-def video that features a tune by local jazz musicians Bill Ransom, Phillip K. Jones Jr., Joe Miller and Chris Anderson. Well-respected local poet and rapper Q-Nice provides the vocals. To images of the various restaurants and clubs on East 4th St., Q-Nice busts out a “that’s right, y’all” before launching into “my city Cleveland, Ohio shines like the largest, brightest star you’ve seen.” “She’s so right on, she’s rocks on,” he raps as we see an image of the Rock Hall. While hardly cutting-edge, the video has an urban edge to it and nicely captures the city's cosmopolitan diversity. Every couple of years, Positively Cleveland launches a new official promotional video, so this new clip will play at the Visitors Center and be used by groups promoting their meeting or tradeshow. Since it’s gonna be around for awhile, it's a good thing it doesn’t suck.


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