I Can See You has its local premiere tonight at CMA



Described as a "psychedelic campfire tale," I Can See You has its local premiere tonight at 6:45 p.m. at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Here's our review.

I Can See You (US, 2008) Graham Reznick’s film has been described as a “psychedelic campfire tale,” and that’s a pretty apt description for this disjointed movie about a group of guys who work for a Brooklyn commercial design firm struggling to come up with an ad campaign for a toxic, all-purpose cleaning solution called Claractix. To find some inspiration, the crew take their laptops and digital cameras into the woods for a weekend of “total fuckin’ immersion.” Everything appears to be going according to plan, and one of the guys even meets a cute hippie chick while hanging out at a bonfire. But the trip turns into a nightmare of Lynchian proportions when a boogeyman starts torturing the guys. Poorly acted but visually striking, the film is a real mixed bag. It’s preceeded by a showing of Reznick’s “The Viewer,” a 3-D short about an interrogation procedure that has mind-altering repurcusions. ** 1/2 (Jeff Niesel)

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