The End of the Line has its local premiere tonight at CMA



A documentary about the overfishing of the oceans, The End of the Line has its local premiere tonight at 7 at the Cleveland Museum of Art and shows again at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 27. Here's our review of the film.

The End of the Line (Britain, 2009) “Our view of the sea is always that it has been huge, beautiful and inexhaustive,” says narrator Ted Danson at the beginning of this documentary about the ocean. Beautifully filmed, the movie mixes shots of brightly colored fish with interviews with talking heads that discuss the horrible consequences of over-fishing, putting a new spin on the notion of the “deadliest catch.” Whether documenting the history of cod fishing in Newfoundland or showing how radar and sophisticated equipment has transformed entire ecosystems, particularly with the prevalent use of “bottom trawlers,” the film makes a compelling case for more regulation when it comes to commercial fishing. Stick around after these screenings to hear Whole Foods seafood specialist Kyle Braun talk about the movie and how it relates to aquaculture standards. *** (Jeff Niesel)

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