Evangelion makes its local premiere tomorrow at CMA



A huge hit when it came out in Japan two years ago, Evangelion 1.0 screens tomorrow night at 7 at the Cleveland Museum of Art Lecture Hall. Here is our review of the movie.

Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone (Japan, 2007) Like some kind of anime rendition of Transformers, Evangelion 1.0 is a big, loud, obnoxious film featuring some pretty terrific robot fights. And like Transformers, this Japanese film was a box-office smash when it came out in its native country two years ago. The story concerns teenage Shinji Ikari (voiced by Spike Spencer), enlisted in an emergency to operate a giant robot dubbed Eva 1. While he’s not a particularly aggressive kid, he proves up for the challenge and successfully defeats an alien “angel” attacking Tokyo. Partnering with the attractive Misato Katsuragi (Allison Keith), the young man becomes the military’s go-to guy as the alien attacks continue. Hideaki Anno’s film doesn’t benefit from the dubbing — Spencer is too whiny for Shinji and Keith is too high-strung. Still, the animation is incredible and the story — based on a popular anime TV show — holds together well. ***

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