Film within a film technique falters in The Fourth Kind



An Alaskan psychiatrist (Milla Jovovich) finds herself in the midst of an outbreak of alien abductions after the murder of her husband. Forget worrying about whether or not and how much of The Fourth Kind is true, as the film dubiously claims. This movie’s biggest problem is that it’s like a hyperactive child, unable to sit still or focus for more than five seconds. Even in scenes where characters are just standing still and talking, the camera is constantly bobbing around (if not outright spinning circles). If that’s not distracting enough, the screen frequently splits into two or more frames to show the “real” footage alongside its Hollywood version, with the Hollywood actors reciting their dialog right along with their “real” counterparts. There was enough money thrown at this film that it looks fairly slick and professional, but neither that nor the “true story” gimmick can cover up the fact that this is a bad movie, plain and simple. *

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