Ninja Assassin lacks a strong personality



Ninja Assassin is a movie about guys in black pajamas who hide in the shadows with swords and razor-sharp metal stars waiting to kill people. Such films were at the peak of their popularity in the '80s, and while they were seldom good, at least they were usually good, violent fun. Sho Kosugi starred in just about all of the ninja movies made back then, and he's rightly given a sizeable role in this update of the genre as Ozuno, the harsh master who trains the film’s hero, Raizo (Rain). Eventually Raizo chooses to walk a different path than the one of evil his master had intended for him. This brings us to the present, where forensic investigator Mika (Naomie Harris) finds herself in trouble after learning too much about the secrets of the ninja. It’s nothing special in the plot department, but no one watches these movies for their original and insightful stories. Far more damaging: Rain makes a bland hero; the action scenes are shot in a choppy and confusingly edited style; and the gratuitous CGI bloodshed looks ridiculous. **

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