Armored is a good, old school action movie



In Armored, Ty (Columbus Short) is a decorated Iraq war veteran trying to take care of his younger brother (Andre Jamal Kinney). He works for as a guard for an armored car company, but his salary isn’t enough to pay the mortgage. Ty’s best friend Mike (Matt Dillon), also a guard, has a solution. On their next run, with the help of a few fellow guards (Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, Amaury Nolasco and Skeet Ulrich), they'll stage a robbery and take the cash for themselves. Ty is reluctant to go along, but as his personal situation worsens, the plan starts to look more appealing. Besides, Mike assures him, no one will get hurt. Right. The film’s tone, measured pacing and straight forward visual style hearken back to the mid budget action films of the '80s, as does John Murphy’s ominous synthesizer score. The script is nothing special and could easily have resulted in a mediocre film. Thanks to the strong cast and director Nimrod Antal’s skill at generating suspense and tension, though, Armored manages to be a pretty enjoyable thriller. ***

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