The Tooth Fairy finds the Rock in a hard place



In The Tooth Fairy, Derek (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), a brute of a minor league hockey player who hasn’t scored a goal in nine years and has essentially been relegated to an enforcer role, gets nicknamed “the tooth fairy” because he hits players so hard, he’s been known to knock a tooth or two out. Off the ice, he’s a nice enough guy, but when he tells his girlfriend Carly (Ashley Judd) that her kid Tess (Destiny Whitlock) shouldn’t believe in things she can’t see, he wakes up one morning to find the “Department of the Dissemination of Belief” has left a nasty note under his pillow telling him to report to chief fairy (Julie Andrews). He grows a set of wings and must serve two weeks flying around the city, snatching teeth out from under the pillows of youngsters everywhere. Johnson tries his best to relish the role but the stiff dialogue and obvious message have put the Rock in a hard place. While it’s amusing to see the burly guy dressed in a tutu, you have to think his agent could find better roles than this. The same can’t be said for Billy Crystal, who is dreadfully dry in an uncredited cameo as a mad scientist of sorts that clues Derek into tooth fairy secrets. *

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