Harmony and Me screens tonight at CMA



A film about a sad sack who can't seem to get over an ex-girlfriend, Harmony and Me makes its local debut tonight at 7 at the Cleveland Museum of Art Lecture Hall. Here's our review of the movie.

Harmony and Me (U.S., 2009) Harmony (Justin Rise) is a real loser who works a dead-end job and can’t seem to get over the fact that his girlfriend Jessica (Kristen Tucker) has dumped his sorry ass. But while (500) Days of Summer took a clichéd storyline and applied a definitive twist, Harmony and Me stumbles to the finish line, never turning into anything the least bit compelling. When not venting to his best friend Carlos (Kevin Corrigan), Harmony is writing songs about Jessica’s harsh treatment. The songs are just as bad as everything else in this slapped-together film, which doesn’t benefit from writer-director Bob Byington’s mumblecore aesthetics, like primitive set designs, amateur actors and actresses, minimalist cinematography. **

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