Night of the Zombies


The Rolling Rock and Roll Show, presented by none other than Little Steven's Underground Garage, made its way through Cleveland on September 15. This lazy lady didn't drag her ass out to the Beachland to watch the garage-rock-britpop spectacle, but heard that both the Zombies and the Mooney Suzuki sounded well-rehearsed. Also found some funny gossip on the Ohio City listserv regarding the tour bus, a girl, a boy, and a seldom-traveled side street. Here's what was posted: "So it's 9am and I look out the front window to see what's rumbling out there and see this huge tour bus pulling a trailer, all painted up with "Little Steven's Rock'n Roll Underground Garage" sitting in front of my house here on Woodbine. Hmmm. I go out to retrieve my garbage can and ask the driver if he's lost and notice some woman in there with him and they both say "No." OK then. I know we have a great street, but if they're not lost, what the heck are they doing on Woodbine. They were gone 15 minutes later." Hmmm. A quickie with a groupie maybe? Glad to see the Zombies and their cohorts keeping a dying tradition alive and well! Sort of. -- Denise Grollmus

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