Battle over bad photos


Jeff Coryell, bad photographer
Bad photo of Matt Lundy
This photograph of Matt Lundy, the Democrat challenging Rep. Earl Martin in the 57th Ohio House District, is the subject of a tense legal battle. It was taken by blogger Jeff Coryell, who claims to have a master's degree in fine arts from Northwestern University, and interviewed Lundy at a Bob Evan's Restaurant in Avon. Controversy erupted when the Ohio Republican Party ripped the head shot from Coryell's blog and used it in a television attack ad against him. Coryell has threatened to sue House Republicans unless they stop broadcasting the ad. In other news, Northwestern University is expected to sue Coryell unless he agrees to never again mention that he got an MFA from the college and still can't figure out how to focus a friggin' digital camera. -- Jared Klaus


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