The Cavaliers are coming


Yes, the NBA Finals ended not long ago, but since basketball season is, like, 11 months long, the new year is just around the corner. The Cavs will host Media Day on Monday, a chance for all the players to talk about "how they're ready to start working and come together as a team to play like we know we can," or something equally artful. Training camp opens next week, too, and believe it or not, LeBron and Co. will be in uniform in less than two weeks, for a preseason game against Boston on October 10th. But for fans — at least those too poor to shell out for season tickets — the key date is Saturday, 10 a.m. That's when single-game tickets go on sale, at, The Q box office, or 1-800-4-NBA-TIX. So whether you want to take little Junior to a game, or hope to make some extra cash scalping those suckers later on, check out the Cavs schedule and start picking your games. Be sure to take a hard look at the second week of February, when four playoff teams — the Pistons, Clippers, Heat, and Lakers — visit The Q in the same week. If the Cavs are a championship team, that's they're chance to prove it. — Joe P. Tone

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