Metroparks: A Celebration in Gray


On glorious autumn days such as these, a Clevelander can't help but wish there were a way to take in all the splendor of our Metroparks without the inconvenience of actually having to go to a Metropark. Or view them in color. For us, there is finally relief: The new book Images of America: Cleveland Metroparks has arrived. Written by Strongsville native Thomas G. Matowitz Jr., the book chronicles the history and evolution of Cleveland's Emerald Necklace in pictures, from the days before the parks existed, to its current glory, to its future as a series of strip malls. And yep, every leaf and waterway appears in scintillating black and white, just as God intended. If you're a stickler for reds and yellows in your autumn tableaux, take a hike. But for a unique look at the Metroparks in all the grayscale colors of the rainbow, here's the only step you need to take. -- Erich Burnett

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