Another Sports Talk Death


Mike and Mike immersed in song
Seems like only yesterday we were lamenting the demise of Tony Bruno from AM 1350's Fox Sports Radio lineup. (And then lamenting the loss of 1350 itself.) Now there's a fresh round of morning woe: WKNR has launched its new relationship with Fox Sports, meaning Mike & Mike in the Morning -- the station's syndicated broadcast of the best sports-talk show on radio -- is now history. Spewing from the radio this morning were a coupla guys with an accountant's vigor. The show's called The First String, or The First Down, or First Straw -- "first" something. Can't even remember the guys' names, other than Tony Rizzo, who was offered a gratuitous guest spot to ensure Cleveland listeners didn't drool upon themselves on Day 1. (The segment played like a five-minute reminder to America that, yep, the Browns still do suck this morning. How compelling.) Meanwhile, the Mikes -- Greenberg and Cleveland native Golic -- can still be seen on ESPN 2, and surely can be heard on a radio or two somewhere. But not one here, apparently: A five-minute scan of the AM dial yielded various frequencies of static (including Bill Wills) and quite nearly a T-boned red coupe in Lakewood. (Memo to self: Coffee, radio tuning, and right-hand turns do not make a happy threesome.) -- Erich Burnett

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