Wherefore Art Romeo? He's Next to Dick


Do you cringe every time the Browns run a draw on 1st and 20? Do you break into a cold sweat when you see Maurice Carthon's face on TV? Ever wonder why Romeo Crennel doesn't rip Carthon's headset off and beat him in the face with it, leaving the play-calling to the nearest beer vendor? Well, homicidal Browns fan, you're not alone. Almost half of the Dawg Pound thinks Romeo Crennel is doing a Romeo-Crappy job, at least according to a fun ESPN.com feature, the NFL Coach Approval Ratings.
Romeo: He's no Art Shell. Yet.
The page asks fans to vote each week on whether they approve of the job their team's head coach is doing. The Saints' Sean Payton and the Bears' Lovie Smith are on top with 95 percent approval ratings, which means either 5 percent of Bears and Saints fans are really, really high, or Mike Ditka just discovered the internet. Raiders boss Art Shell is at the bottom with a 16 percent rating. (In other words, 16 percent of Raiders fans have been too busy shooting each other to notice how much their team sucks.) Romeo's right in the middle at 55 percent, tucked between Bills coach Dick Jauron (60 percent) and a wax sculpture of the late Joe Gibbs (44 percent). But oh, how the season is young -- Joe P. Tone

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