DeWine jeopardizes soldier


Senator Mike DeWine likes to play politics with national security. But he seems to have a problem with those pesky details. The first time DeWine tried to accuse opponent Sherrod Brown of being soft on terror, his ad geeks decided that September 11 just wasn't horrifying enough. Though the deaths of those 2,819 people packed political punch, the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center — dammit! -- just didn't look symmetrical enough to fill the space between car commercials and Viagra ads. So DeWine's used bogus images. Now one of his campaign ads may be jeopardizing the career of an American soldier. An ad for DeWine that ran the first week of October featured a brief shot of a soldier in his Army uniform. The problem is, the Department of Defense has a longstanding policy of not allowing its employees to appear in uniform in partisan ads. So when the ad was brought to the DoD's attention by liberal bloggers, it was forwarded to the Army for review. Online, the Democratic blog couldn't help but point out the irony: "By airing an ad touting DeWine's help for troops, he may have put a real soldier at risk." What's next, Mikey? Urinating on the Alamo? --Kevin Hoffman


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