Happy Hauntings


If the early snow's not doing enough to scare you this weekend (winter jackets in October? Eke!), head on over to 7 Floors of Hell at the Berea fairgrounds. Ohio's favorite haunted house was recently voted one of the Top 13 haunts in the country by Hauntworld magazine, and has even sparked the interest of the E! channel. As the name implies, 7 Floors of Hell contains, well, seven floors of hellish scenes, including one floor made up to look like a jail cell, one like a cemetery, and another like a butcher's kitchen. Along the way, you'll meet headless horsemen, wandering ghosts with wandering hands, and lots of psychotic clowns. With all of these ghoulish scenes, what scares owner Rodney Joseph the most? "Rain on the weekend," he says, sounding quite frightened. --Rebecca Meiser

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