Carl Wolfe pervert alert!


He's too sexy for mom, but Big Otis will surely be into him.
We met Carl Wolfe when we were in Athens Sept. 29& 30 for parents weekend. He was waiting on us at a Bennigans that just opened. My daughter and her friend were with us, and he kept coming to our table aking questions about where they were from, where they go to school, etc. He bragged about playing basketball for Defiance college. He gave the girls his phone number, and facebook info. This weekend my daughter ate there again and saw him working. My son, who's a sports nut, thought he would look up his info and stats at Defiance, and couldn't find anything. I did a Google search and found all these terrible articles about him at Notre Dame, and told my daughter never to talk to him again. He told her he is leaving in 2 weeks to go to Defiance again. Didn't anything come from his 21 indictments? Is he going to jail? I don't think he should be out working at a restaurant in a college town. Please let me know what you can find out about this rapist. Thank you. Vickie Janik Niles

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