Bob Ney Gets Raw Deal


Bob Ney's hair (top), seen here with Bob Ney.
Apparently it' s not only Democrats who are thankful that former Rep. Mark Foley (R-Some Poor Kid's Pants) is a Class A perv. Daily Show host Jon Stewart reports this week that because of the Foley news, the program has "unfairly neglected many, many other scandals." Chief among them: Rep. Bob Ney's admission that he took gifts from lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Ney (R-Some Rich Lobbyist's Pocket) asked for leniency, claiming to be a drunk, which means all my friends should get leniency too. To see Stewart's bit on Ney and Abramoff -- which features a fun Licking County joke -- click here and find the video called "You Do Know Jack." -- Joe P. Tone


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