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Appreciated your article on the group Blacks Against Blackwell. Just wanted to let you know there is another group out there with the same focus. I was asked to start a group of African-American labor leaders who are supporting Ted Strickland. So a small group of us named ourselves Black Labor for Strickland, formed a PAC, and created a brochure to distribute. The brochure covers three reasons why Blackwell is dangerous: He's against raising the minimum wage, he's anti-union, and he's a voter suppressor. Our brochures have landed in Cincinnati, Youngstown, Akron, Toledo, and of course, Cuyahoga County. This is probably too late to be written about. Just wanted to make you aware. Both groups are supportive of each other -- Lang Dunbar has distributed some of our pieces, and I've helped them sell T-shirts. Thanks for your great article. Meryl Johnson, Trustee Cleveland Teachers Union


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