Maple Heights Schools Are Above the Law . . . Says the Mayor


The Maple Heights School System is attempting to install a $15K sign on our quiet street. The 8 ft. x 6.5 ft. sign complete with message board is unwarranted. There are no more than 125 cars passing in a 24-hour weekday. The mayor said the schools are exempt from the law and codes, which I think is BS. No one is exempt from the law. At the least, the school should have to follow the city codes which states NO Message boards etc . . . It's a mess. The schools tried to slip the sign in with no permit . . . Dirty Pool. I caught them redhanded. I recently petitioned the city to stop the project. All residents agreed with me that a message board would be too much visual pollution for our street. The school is bullying us. If the levy doesn't pass the city will go into financial default? A few years ago Maple schools went on a big strike for money. They begged for the levy to pass and it finally did. Now they have money to blow . . . I'll never vote for another levy again. We need your help to expose this situation. The Superintendent, the Mayor, and the city lawyer are hoping I'll go away. Help! Byron Borland Maple Heights

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