Bush: Poster Boy for "Cut and Run"


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Our fearless leader, President George W. Bush, asserts that exiting Iraq would be tantamount to "cut and run." Well, folks, if anyone is familiar with "cut and run," it certainly is our Coward-in-Chief, isn't it? And his Vice Coward-in-Chief Dick Cheney, with five deferments to his "credit" during the Vietnam War. Also, Bush's cowardly puppeteer, Karl Rove, is quite familiar with "cut and run" during the same war. During the Vietnam War, how many lives of U.S. military personnel did chickenhawk Bush save? That would be one. His own. How many U.S. military lives has our "Christian" president sacrificed since March 20, 2003, when he ordered the unwarranted invasion of Iraq? As of this writing: at least 2,817. And God only knows how many thousands of innocent Iraqis, including pregnant women, have been killed as a result of our "pro-life" president's policies. So much for Bush's hollow "culture of life" rhetoric. How much courage, heroism, and bravery does it take for our poster boy of "cut and run" to dispatch sons and daughters of other parents into the horrific and unjustified war he started in Iraq? That would be none. Shame on him. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the United States and its presidency, and to the Christian teachings of peace and love he professes to embrace. Louis H. Pumphrey Shaker Heights


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