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Obama: His Q rating may be wasted here.
Savior of the Month Barack Obama, the senator from Illinois, will be in town Saturday for a rally with Sherrod Brown and the rest of the Dems. Seems like a minor waste of Obama's Q rating, since the Dems appear to have Ohio locked down with just days until the polls open. Then again, The Daily Show reported this week that Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Uncle Tom Blackwell will require all voters to arrive at the polls in a BMW 5 series or higher if they want to cast their ballots. So I guess you can never be too safe. (If you don't know much about Obama, just head to your local magazine stand; he's currently featured in approximately every publication ever conceived). The rally is 7 p.m. Saturday at the Civic, 3130 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights. You can pick up free tickets in Cleveland Heights (13434 Cedar Rd., 216-320-9380), Shaker Square (13119 Shaker Blvd., 216-696-2006), Lakewood (14414 Detroit Ave., 216-221-9244), or Parma (5585 Ridge Rd., 440-884-3701). There's no official word on whether Obama will be heading to Johnnie Malloy's after the rally to get wasted and watch the Cavs game, but it would be pretty cool if he did, eh? -- Joe P. Tone



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