Lynn Toler Taking Over Divorce Court


I read where it was being e-mailed she was an uncle tom because she got the job as judge on divorce court. I would like to say, as black people we are harder on one another than the white man could ever be on us at times we do not support one another, we would rather degrade one another and be unkind, envious, jealous of each other. The fact that Mablean and Fox had a dispute had nothing to do with this lady, keep in mind had she not taken this job, someone else would have and the fact that another black lady has the chance to make a difference in someone's life that should be the real issue. So the next time you want to blame the white man when things are going wrong for you, keep in mind, it's thought if they don't care about and support their own race, why should we? Janet Hill Concord, North Carolina

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