Get Grandma a F*cking PS3 already


Old Grannie Hardcore, queen on the video game
Last month, we wrote about Old Grandma Hardcore, a 70-year-old bad-ass who plays 10 hours of video games a day and does reviews for What makes Grandma special is complicated: She's this incredibly modest, tough-as-nails matriarch who's keeping close watch on her daughter's family in a run-down Mantua two-story. But what's made her newsworthy — the subject of countless newspaper and TV stories — is much simpler: She swears like a drunken sailor. "Game on, Fuckers," is among my favorite quotes. Grandma's love for gaming has taken her as far as LA and New York and landed her tons of free shit over the last year or so. So I wanted to find out what she thought of the newest game consoles, Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii. I called her this afternoon to get her take. But to my disappointment, Grandma was busy ... baking. "I didn't get one," she said of the PS3. "I can't afford one. I can't get the Wii either. When you live on a fixed income ..." "I figured one of the game companies sent you one," I told Grandma, suddenly feeling bad for interrupting her baking. "I was hoping, too," she said. "But no such luck." And so, here I am, urging someone who is not on a fixed income, and who shares Grandma's deep love for whacking some pixilated foes, to please buy her a PS3 for Christmas. Trust me: she deserves it. Game on, fuckers. — Joe P. Tone

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