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I'm saddened by this article, "The New Black City" [November 8]. It perpetuates racial steriotypes, suggesting that Euclid is a rare place were district lines maybe drawn to disrupt the back voice. Unfortunately, one could find these types of racially biased districts across the country. The fact that the goverment has stepped in becasue the city of Euclid voted against this church suggests that, like many things, our goverment has forgotten its role. (Whatever happened to separation of Church and State?) And to suggest that all of Euclid is a 'shit hole' because of the black community is even more offensive. Living on the Euclid-Cleveland boarder, I can assure you that race is not the major issue. Uneducated and unemployed individuals are the problem, and those issues don't follow strict racial lines. Since the writer was so focused on the racist whites in Euclid, I was insulted that the article failed to mention the tax agency in Lakewood, a very white city! The city of Lakewood is much more racist in its attempts to keep lower income families out, and it differs from Euclid only in its western boarder to the city of Cleveland. I hope that members of the black community are as appauled at this article as I am. People should stop making race the reason for all of the economic harships in our country. The problem is our goverment and media. The former never seem to make any positive changes, they just want to keep their jobs. The latter never seem to get the whole story, or in this case only present the story they want. It's just too bad where we are heading and unless something is done quickly, we are all doomed to live in fear and anger. Samuel Mazzei


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