Roger Brown, RIP


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Leave it to Roger Brown to become even more annoying, egomaniacal, and utterly worthless in his final column for The Plain Dealer. Brown -- one of 64 PD staffers to take a lucrative buyout packgage geared at trimming the fat at the Incredible Shrinking Daily — signed off on Sunday. After predicting Romeo Crennel's firing, standing by his claim that Michigan is better than Ohio State, and reporting the very important news that former Browns nose tackle Jason Fisk sold his Strongsville home, Brown said goodbye in a way only he could. "I'll always be very proud of what I accomplished with this column," he wrote, "and thrilled that it earned such popularity and influence in this hardcore sports town." As usual, he offered no sources to back up his claim that he was popular or influencial. As usual, he was just making shit up. — Joe P. Tone



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