Busch goes hunting


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On Saturday, I decided to stop by my friendly Citgo to pick up a case of beer — a little something to help numb the pain of watching the Cavs get slaughted by the Houston Rockets. As I reach into the cooler to grab my faithful 12-pack of Miller Lite, I look to my right and notice the odd new Busch packaging — hunting camo set behind a bright orange Busch logo. It appears that Busch is currently marketing itself as thee beer among hunters. They've even got promotional camoflauge-colored gun cases to match their camo beer cozies. This was slightly disturbing. After all, I'd always assumed that guns and booze weren't such a good match. In fact, it's probably the only thing the NRA and I agree on (see NRA rule No. 6: "Never use alcohol or over-the-counter, prescription or other drugs before or while shooting"). I did a quick Google search today to discover that I'm not the only one disturbed by this latest marketing gimmick. Check out this news item on Realbeer.com. ( A Busch spokesman actually said he figured the link between beer and hunting was "just natural." -- Denise Grollmus



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