Rolling Stone's Fresh New Waste of Time


As if there weren't already enough ways to waste time online, Rolling Stone reports this week that Wolfgang's Vault, the rock memorabilia website, recently began streaming hundreds of classic concerts online -- for free. The shows go as far back as a 1967, pre-"My Ding-a-Ling" performance by Chuck Berry, and include performances by the Who, the Cure, the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, and pretty much everyone else who rocked America in the '70s and '80s. The music -- soundboard recordings made by promoter Bill Graham -- mostly come from major venues in New York and San Francisco. But among the site's most listened-to concerts is the Clash's 1979 set at the legendary Agora, where the group still sounded punk-as-fuck -- no disco beats allowed. If you're into hearing coked-out Brits scream inaudibly -- and occasionally greeting its Cleveland fans with a chipper "Fuck you!" — it's a smashing good time. -- Joe P. Tone

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