Cleveland Overlooked Among Hot Destinations


Holiday spoiler: Lovely Kate didn't pick Cleveland either.
In the hit new romantic comedy The Holiday, Cameron Diaz, a hollywood producer, and Kate Winslet, a writer in London, decide, after both of their love lives come crashing down, to swap homes for a relaxing two-week getaway. While the writing and acting are about on par with a Buddy's Carpet commercial, the fad of home-swapping is now sweeping the world. [] is a real website that matches vacation-seekers around the globe. For instance, if you to take a trip to Hong Kong, you would search for someone there who has always wanted to vacation in your city. Then you switch homes and cars, and hope that the person doesn't turn out to be some pervert who molests your dog. Unfortunately, if you live in Cleveland, you're shit outta luck, because NO ONE in the world wants to come here. According to the website, there's a person in England who wants to come to Cincinnati, and a person in Florence who wants to visit Columbus. But apparently, you'd have a better chance getting someone to trade their seaside Italian villa for genital herpes than getting them to stay a night in your shitty apartment in Lakewood. -- Jared Klaus


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