Library Sex: It's bad for you


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Below is an e-mail sent out to students of Washington University law school, after some were caught engaging in sexual activity at the library. In the e-mail, the dean included this report from the school's chief of police about the incident: Subject: High Priority-- Campus Police Alert Today we were alerted by an Aramark [the campus cleaning service] supervisor that some of their employees have noted sex acts occurring at the Library. . . . The students usually do not have the common sense or the decency to stop when they are confronted and seem to expect the Aramark employees to leave and come back later to do their work. The Dean's Counsel to Students: My advice is, do not have sex at school. My understanding is that, in addition to whatever criminal sanctions are imposed, this will go into your law school record, and that it will be reported to the character and fitness panel of every state or territory that you apply to practice law in. This reporting is not a matter of discretion, and is not contingent on proof of a criminal act. Bar authorities may delay your admission, require remedial activities, or exclude you from the practice of law. Necessity is not a defense (even if your power is out at home). You have been warned. Kenley



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