Bob Ney needs your help


Bob Ney (R-Where Else But Ohio) is hoping you'll write him a letter telling the judge all he stole, er, did to help his consitituents
Disgraced Congressman Bob Ney needs your help. Ney, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges for his role in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, is asking pals -- those not serving prison sentences, anyway -- to write a letter of support to the judge. In a letter leaked to the media, Ney's attorneys explain: "Letters of support are a very important part of the sentencing process, and, we hope, will give [the judge] a clear picture of the kind of person Bob is, the contributions he has made, and the support that he continues to enjoy from his friends and others in the community." Ney faces up to 27 months in prison, and his defense team hopes the letters will convince the judge to give him a lighter sentence. Advice to letter writers: It might help to slip the judge a fiver. — Kevin Hoffman


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