Geraldo's on the Case


Though the Geraldo At Large Team looks like the cast of an inexpensive cop show on Spike, it's really a squad of crack investigators, capable of digging into police shootings and/or holiday gift-giving fiascos
Wondering if the shooting of Brandon McCloud — the 15-year-old pizza robbery kid — has evolved into a full-fledged scandal for the Jackson administration yet? Consider the fact that Geraldo Rivera — the dude who totally exposed Al Capone's vault -- has launched an exclusive investigation. On his Geraldo At Large blog, Captain Mustache brags up his awesome investigatory skills and warns that he's going to bring all their might to solving the politically murky mystery of whether cops were justified in shooting Brandon. "Plus, surviving family fiascos to avoiding gift-giving nightmares — At Large tells you how couples can cope with the holidays!" Really, folks, we couldn't make this stuff up. — Kevin Hoffman


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