If You Suck at Driving, It's Aries' Fault


The next time a car insurance agent inquires about your age and accident record, you might also want to add your zodiac sign. According to a recent study by InsuranceHotline.com, a website that gives drivers insurance rate quotes, your astrological sign may be the best indicator of your driving abilities. (Unfortunately, we are not making this up). The study, which took into account 100,000 North American drivers' records over the past six years, claims that Libras and Aquarians are the worst drivers; Leos and Geminis the best. Researchers even came up with reasons for this: Leos are "generous and comfortable in sharing the roadway." Aries, by contrast, "have a 'me first' childlike nature that drives Aries into trouble." Though I have to get my insurance renewed next month, I'm not sure Progressive will excuse my three accidents in six months as the result of those damn Aries. — Rebecca Meiser


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