A Present for Sherwin-Williams


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Merry Christmas, Sherwin-Williams. Canton and Cincinnati have now joined four other Ohio cities in suing our hometown company for poisoning kids. The suits allege what many historians have already proven: that Sherwin-Williams knew its lead paint was harming kids for decades before it stopped selling it ["The Poison Kids," August 16). Now the cities --including Toledo, East Cleveland, Lancaster and Columbus — want paintmakers to fund a clean-up of their lead-laden homes. A state proposal, pushed through in the waning days of the Republican Reign of Error, that would ban such "public nuisance" lawsuits. But that's not stopping cities from from trying. Governor Taft, in his blissful ignorance, has yet to sign off on the proposal. Meanwhile, The Plain Dealer reports that our fair city is still "considering its options." Naturally, the city with one of the highest rates of lead poisoning in the country should be the last to take action. Say it again, now: Believe in Cleveland. — Lisa Rab



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