Bowling for Cheaper Prices


This weekend, my friend Becky and I decided to check out the new, swanky downtown bowling hotspot, Corner Alley. From the rave reviews it's been getting, we imagined a hipster paradise, full of apple martinis and chic retro bowling shoes. But before we left, we decided to check out the prices online. (Yes, we're cheap. Thanks for asking.) What we found shocked us into forgetting all about the spiffy new lanes. How much does it cost to don rented shoes and throw a ball at some pins on a Friday night? Thirty-five dollars an hour! When we called, they explained the price buys one lane for up to six players—all of whom we'd need to make the investment worthwhile. So much for supporting the downtown Cleveland revival. For that price, we figured we could buy a new pair of heels and ruin our manicures ourselves. — Lisa Rab

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