Teacher, Can We Rock Now?


Bet you can't guess who's the brainchild behind all those headbanger shows at clubs like Lakewood's Hi-Fi Lounge and Parma's Jigsaw Saloon. Here's a hint: By day, she works side-by-side with priests and nuns. Jennifer Adams is a twentysomething science teacher for the eighth-grade class at Metro Catholic Parish School on West 54th Street. But most nights, the sleepless Adams pairs punk, grunge, and rock bands with hi-NRG nightclubs for Starloft Productions, a grassroots booking agency she founded in January of 2005. In nearly two years, Adams' client list has grown to boast such local notables as Adrenaline, Phestur, and Living in Chaos. Her sales pitches have helped them get gigs in venerable nightclubs like the Beachland, Phantasy, and the Jigsaw. One of her most ambitious projects takes places January 13 with a 7 p.m. show at the Phantasy, with headliners Third Nature, backed by APG, Altered (www.altered.us), Social Zero, Dazend, and Screaming Silence. (Tickets are $7 at the door/$8 in advance. Add $3 if you're under 21.) Adams concedes that her social life pretty much sucks: She spends most nights on bookings and promotions and has to be in class every weekday morning at 7:45. "The fact that I love both teaching and music certainly doesn't hinder things," Adams explains. "There's nothing worse than going to a job that you dislike." --Cris Glaser


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