Hynde Getting Vegan in Akron?


Chrissie Hynde hopes to provide nourishment for the two vegans in Akron
Word on the Akron streets is that hometown hero Chrissie Hynde is currently hunting for a commercial space to open a vegan restaurant, possibly in the Highland Square area. (This has been confirmed by my friend's mom — who knows everything about Akron.) A longtime vegetarian and member of PETA, Hynde has also been rumored to enlist the help of a PETA consultant to ensure that her restaurant is 100 percent animal cruelty free — a gesture that will surely soothe the souls of the two vegans living in Akron. However, when C-Notes called PETA to confirm the rumor, spokeswoman Erin Edwards said she couldn't comment on PETA's involvement at the moment. "All I can say is that the restaurant will be completely vegan," said Edwards. In 1989, Hynde was asked by a reporter what she'd done to help advance the cause of animal rights. Hynde joked that she'd blown up a McDonald's. Shortly thereafter, a dedicated fan firebombed the fast food joint in the songstress's honor. At least those vegans are good for something. — Denise Grollmus

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