Another Offended Euclid Reader


I just have to say that the article about Euclid really upset me ["New Black City," November 8]. I have been away at college and haven't had a chance to respond. I feel like the article focused way too much on negative aspects, and only interviewed people who had real issues with the city. I have lived in Euclid my entire life, I graduated from the high school in 2006, and I am a member of East Shore United Methodist. I love my city, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I was offered to go live with my dad in Concord, and I refused, because I love where I live. I feel safe walking down the streets at any hour of the day. I have never been part of any racial attacks. I have also witnessed very few racial fights. A majority of fights I saw while in high school were between the same races, and dealing nothing more than with stupid high school pettiness. The fact that we have a black pastor at East Shore is exciting, and has brought many new members to Christ. I understand concerns of the city. But before the city is bashed, you should look at all the positive aspects of the city. Our amazing track team, football team, and top swimmers and divers were never mentioned. The fact that many of our students graduated so highly, and went on to colleges like Brown and NYU was never included. For someone who has never experienced Euclid, the city was made to sound like a pit of despair. I now go to college with very little diversity, and I miss Euclid. I love coming home and seeing my sisters play sports for the high school. To get all of the alumni together and go to a football game, or to a choir concert. I proudly announce that I am from Euclid. I am never ashamed of where I grew up. Despite the opinion expressed in this article, a majority of the people I know love the city, and love the experiences we had from living in a diverse city. Melissa Athens

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