Fast-paced Dodgeball Action


The much anticipated winter season of the Cleveland Plays co-ed, recreational dodgeball league got underway yesterday, and was not nearly as pathetic as you're thinking. [Editor's note: Yes, it's exactly as pathetic as you're thinking.] If you're not familiar, Cleveland Plays is a company that organizes co-ed leagues in a variety of sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and more. You can join the league as an individual or a team. Most teams hold regular strategy meetings, before and after games, at the bar of their choice. Business analysts call the growing network of leagues "a great way to meet chicks." Business analysts have no class. Anyway, dodgeball: The Pink Fluffy Clouds were the consensus preseason pick to win the league, but then I joined the team. Predictably, they got Gator-stomped, 9-1. However, team insiders say the Puffy Clouds have hired a respected coach for the rest of the season. His promotional video is above. — Joe P. Tone, who, in the face of an oncoming ball, will not hesitate to hide behind a female teammate

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