UFC coming to Columbus


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is coming to Columbus for UFC 68: The Uprising. Tickets for the event, scheduled for Saturday, March 3, went on sale Tuesday, and range from $50 to $400 for seats close enough to get blood stains on your khakis. The pay-per-view will feature UFC stars (and ex-champions) Rich "Ace" Franklin and Matt Hughes, but the top billing is sure to go to the fight between Heavyweight Champion Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia and Randy "The Natural" Couture, who is coming out of retirement to challenge for the belt. Couture announced his return to the octagon on Thursday, saying that watching Sylvia's most recent title defense — in which the 6-foot-8 champion fought like a giant sloth — solidified his decision to come back as a heavyweight. "I thought Tim could have showed the burning desire that got him the championship in the first place and strepped up and won that fight decisively, and he just didn't do that," Couture said in an article posted on the UFC's website. In honor of Couture's return to the ring — in Ohio no less — here's a clip of highlights from his career. For the sake of balance, we tried to find some highlights of Sylvia's career, but unfortunately, there weren't any. —Kevin Hoffman

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