Barbie Goes to Akron


Highland Square Barbie does not need or want Ken.
The Chief Source, a savvy political blog outta Akron, usually muses on the President and other boring men in suits. But last Friday must have been uneventful, because plastic, nylon-haired dolls got top billing on the site. According to Kyle, a Chief Source blogger, Akronites have been busy circulating an e-mail that claims Mattel has released a whole line of Akron-inspired Barbies. Much to our dismay, this is a hoax. The idea of owning a Goodyear Heights Barbie -- complete with Ray Lewis knife and meth lab accessories -- is just too good to be true. Same goes for the Highland Square Barbie, which is made of tofu and comes with archless feet and a Lesbaru. -- Denise Grollmus

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