Slayer on TV Friday Night!


(Written in the voice of an overenthusiastic Slayer fan and web-poster.) Slayer's on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Show Friday night! It's gonna be on like 12:05 a.m., or that's when it starts or whatever. Slaaaayeeeer!!!!! The friggin' pigs that run the show are only running one song, but they'll play five songs on the dude's outside stage. WE SHOULD TOTALLY GO. SLAYER KILLS! CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO! SOME IDIOT ON BLABBERMOUTH SAID SLAYER'S NEW STUFF IS HORRIBLE, BUT THE DUDE LIKES GUNS N' ROSES. They're gonna play "Eyes of the Insane," which is totally nominated for a Grammy, but they didn't announce what song they'll do on the show. SLAYEERRRRRRRR!!! -- D.X. Ferris


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